Uranium Ore

It's uranium. A good source of fuel.


Defined in /items/generic/crafting/uraniumore.item

Rarity: Uncommon

What it does

Used in these recipes

Reagents Result Station Learned by
2 × Uranium Ore
1 × Uranium Rod Known intuitively
1 × Uranium Ore
30 × Pixels

How to get it

treasure pool 'ore', for threat level 3.9

Can be mined from

uranium matmod, appears on
16.129032258064516% threat level 3.5 biome ... Alien Tropical Ocean Arctic Scorched Toxic Ocean Floor Tundra Jungle Savannah Magma Ocean Floor Snow Toxic Arctic Ocean Floor Forest Magma Garden Desert Volcanic Tentacles Tropical Ocean Floor Eyepatch Tar Spring swamp Rust Ice Oasis Bioluminescence Colourful Bones Alpine Giantflowers Crystalline Flesh Mushroom Patch Charred Rocky Flowers Sandstone
12.993262752646775% threat level 3.5 biome ... Underground1b Underground1d Underground3b Underground3c Underground3a Stone Caves Slime Caves Mushrooms Wilderness Cell Caves Ice Caves Bone Caves Luminous Caves Mini Village Flesh Caves Tarpit Abandoned Mines Slime Colorful Cave Zen Caves Heck Coral Cave hive Crystal Cave
12.948207171314744% threat level 3.5 biome ... Underground0d Underground1a Underground1c Underground0c Underground0b Underground0a
11.925042589437819% threat level 3.5 biome ... Garden Core Layer Obsidian Core Layer Magmarock Core Layer Blaststone Core Layer
13.03538175046555% threat level 3.5 biome ... Underground3d Underground5d Underground5b Underground5a Underground5c Shadow Sulphur Shroom Cave Asteroid Field

{'mod': '__core__', 'item_drop_name': 'uraniumore', 'render_occludes_below': None, 'render_light_transparent': None, 'breaks_with_tile': True, 'render_variants': 8, 'distribution_rule_mods': [<OreDistributionRuleMod: 4>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 14>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 24>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 34>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 44>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 56>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 70>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 81>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 92>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 103>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 114>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 127>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 140>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 151>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 162>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 173>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 184>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 197>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 210>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 222>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 234>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 246>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 258>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 272>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 286>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 297>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 308>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 319>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 330>, <OreDistributionRuleMod: 343>], 'footstep_sound': None, 'tilled': False, 'render_template': PosixPath('/tiles/classicmaterialtemplate.config'), 'render_z_level': 0, 'grass': False, 'render_multi_colored': False, 'health': 5, 'mod_id': 29, 'path': PosixPath('/tiles/mods/uranium.matmod'), 'render_texture': PosixPath('/tiles/mods/uranium.png'), 'mining_sounds': [PosixPath('/sfx/tools/pickaxe_ore.wav'), PosixPath('/sfx/tools/pickaxe_ore2.wav')], 'mod_name': 'uranium', 'mining_particle': 'orespark', 'harvest_level': 4, 'description': 'Uranium.', '_sa_instance_state': <sqlalchemy.orm.state.InstanceState object at 0x7f27c92766d8>}