Thorn Fruit

So long as you watch out for the thorns, these are delicious.


Defined in /items/generic/produce/thornfruit.consumable

Rarity: Common

What it does

Used in these recipes

Reagents Result Station Learned by
1 × Thorn Fruit
1 × Gunpowder
1 × Thorn Grenade Pick up Thorn Grenade
1 × Thorn Fruit
1 × Thorn Juice Pick up Thorn Fruit
10 × Titanium Bar
3 × Thorn Fruit
1 × Thorny Needler Pick up Thorn Fruit

How to get it

Can be scanned in the 3D Printer for 40 pixels, then printed for 160 pixels.

treasure pool 'thornplantHarvest', for threat level 0.0

treasure pool 'savannahTreasure', for threat level 1.0